Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Capri Medical Group - Your Health Matters

The Capri Medical Group is a medical practice that opened its doors in February 2009 in the North Columbus/Midland area.  The practice grew from a need for medical services in an area where access to medical care was possible, but not convenient.  Because of Capri's varied services,we are able to meet the needs of just about any presenting patient.
There are two physicians in partnership at Capri (Drs. Carl & Prima Foster).  We are both Family Practice trained, with experience in various medical settings.  Our practice offers urgent care, primary care, occupational medicine and weight management services.  The primary purpose of our blogs will revolve around lifestyle choices and weight management, because they are risk factors in most chronic illnesses.  Unfortunately in healthcare, the majority of our resources and capital expenditure are spent treating patients at the advance stage of their disease process.
Our vehicle for weight management is the HCG diet.  The reason for us choosing the HCG diet is because based on our research, this diet offered a sound approach to weight loss that had immediate and lasting effects.  We have had many of our patients use our HCG diet program to radically alter their external aesthetics, and long term health risk.  I will spend the next  2 - 3 blogs expanding on the HCG diet. 
Weight management is just one facet of lifestyle modification/choice.  As the topic list grows, our hope is that we will truly give credence to preventive health/medicine and give it it's proper place in the medical landscape; front and center.

Carl Foster M.D.
Capri Medical Group